Two Point Lap Seat Belt with Flat Buckle In Turquoise

Two Point Lap Seat Belt with Flat Buckle In Turquoise

Part#: S300TQ



Product Description

Buckle up and hit the road! This beautiful new lap seat belt looks great in any restored Volkswagen.
  • Make sure your vehicle is road-legal with these newly made seat belts.
  • The bright turquoise color makes it easy to match it to your custom color scheme.
  • Includes all of the hardware you need to completely replace your old seat belts.
  • These seat belts fit in a variety of classic Volkswagen cars.
Enjoy the ride, but remember, safety first. Made from high-quality materials, this replacement seat belt for your restored VW car is easy to install, and easy to use. Made from modern materials, it perfectly captures the vintage design of the original seat belts. These seat belts won't detract from the aesthetic of your car and will ensure that you and your passengers are riding safely. 
  • Sold as a pair for right and left side seats
  • Fits VW Bug model years 1950-1979
  • Fits VW Ghia model years 1956-1974
  • Fits VW T-3 model years 1962-1973
  • Fits VW Thing model years 1973-1974