Lock,Vent Wing Glass To Frame,All Cars. New~!,Ea.

Lock,Vent Wing Glass To Frame,All Cars. New~!,Ea.

Part#: ZVW115



Product Description

This is a great new part, that was a accessory 40 years ago, now available again. This will fit on all vent wings. This vent wing lock gives you extra security when parking your valuable air cooled car. You've heard stories people breaking into your VW's through the vent wing glass.This give you that extra protection. Fits on all cars any kind of vent wing lock. This slides on the glass, as seen in the pictures, then when you raise th door glass, the lock part sits in the groove of the window channel, and after locking the vent wing lock, you then lock the vent wing glass lock which gives you that extra protection. Buy a couple today and lock your vent wings without someone breaking into your car. Sold as each need 2 to do a car. Does NOT come with Vent wing assy or glass only lock.