Glass, Rear,  Standard Bus, ' 50 - ' 63

Glass, Rear, Standard Bus, ' 50 - ' 63

Part#: 211845501B


Foam Boxing Fee:

Product Description

Great part to restore your Bus. This is a clear rear glass, fits Standard Bus's from ' 50 - ' 63. Please Make sure you check the size of your glass or opening before purchasing this glass, some might have changed their rear hatch. The SIZE IS 25 1/2 X 11. Why settle for a pitted, old glass when you can buy a new one today!!This rear glass will be charged a foam boxing fee to insure and guarantee it will arrive in front of you doorstep in one piece without any damage. You'll see on the page a foam box. You simply peel off the foam,and your rear glass will be wrapped with plastic to further protect the glass, enjoy!!Now you can put multiple glasses in one box and only get charged once for foaming fee~!