Transmission Gasket Set, Rebuilt Kit, 1961-1979

Part# 113398005A

Oil Breather Kit, Cast Aluminum, All Cars

Part# EIS-8544

Tool, Remving and Installing Schutchon, All Years

Part# ZVW400

Cigarette Lighter, 12Volts, Black Knob

Part# EIS-1009BK

Cigarette Lighter, 12Volts, Grey Knob

Part# EIS-1009GY

Vacuum Plug all types 4mm I.D., sold as Each

Part# EIS-4055

Vacuum Plug all types 9mm I.D., sold as Each.

Part# EIS-4057

Bracket Bowden Tube, Closed End, All Years Stock

Part# 113301165

Bracket Bowden Tube, Open End, All Cars.

Part# 113301165B

Cap Oil Filler Neck, Black Plastic, Ea.

Part# EIS-8904CAP

Wheel Bearing,Rear Inner, L or R, 1969-1979

Part# 113501283X

Paper Element For Air Cleaner Round, 5 1/2"

Part# EIS-9185

Quick Shift Kit, Black Molded Plastic

Part# EIS-4501

Channel, U- Shape, Around The Engine 43" Long,Ea. All Cars

Part# 111813187B

Wheel Cylinder Rear, TRW Brand, Bug & Ghia '66-'78, Ea.

Part# 113611053BBR