Accelerator Parts

Accelerator Repair Kit. Bug's, Ghia & T-3

Part# 113798078

Guide, Shifter Rod,All Cars

Part# 111701255B

Accelerator Pedal, With Out Pad, Early Bug & Ghia,

Part# 111721507A

Barrel Nut, Accelerator-Heater Cable, All Cars

Part# 311129777

Accelerator Pedal,With Out Pad,Late Bug,Ghia,T-3,

Part# 111721507F

Throttle Extension Cable Kit, All Cars

Part# EIS-3171

Lever, Accelerator Cable, Bug's, Ghia, Type 3, Thing

Part# 311721509A

Accelerator Cable Kit, H.D. thick Universal With Tube,All Cars

Part# EIS-4860

Wrench, 13mm Angeled, Carburator Nut Bard to Reach, Ea.

Part# N17100

Vacuum Plug all types 4mm I.D., sold as Each

Part# EIS-4055

Vacuum Plug all types 5mm I.D., sold as Each.

Part# EIS-4056

Quick Shift Kit, Black Molded Plastic

Part# EIS-4501