Bus New Parts!

Knob, Bus Dash '68-'79,For Headlight & Wiper Knob,Ea.

Part# 211941541C

Insert, Emergency Cap, Red, Bus '68-'79, Ea.

Part# 211953255

Insert, Wiper Cap for the Dash Knob, Bus 1968-1979, Each

Part# 211955549B

Insert Cap, Dome light Interior, Bus 1968-1979, Ea.

Part# 211941543C

Insert, Headlight Cap, Bus 1968-1979, Ea.

Part# 211941543

Gasket, Outer Rear View Mirror Base, Bug '68-'79,Ea.

Part# 211857519

Cover, Top Slider Door Roller Guide Passenger Side,Bus '68-'79,Ea.

Part# 211843486A

Cover, Top Sliding Roller, Driver Side, Bus '68-'79

Part# 211843485A

Roof Complete, Steel Primered, Bus '50-'67, No Rain Gutter

Part# 211817031A


Part# 211405579

Hanlde, Outside Sliding Door RT. Side, Bus 1973-1979, Black

Part# 211843703FBK

Wing Nut For Roof Rack, 8mm X 70mm Long, Ea.

Part# ZVW216

Steering Box, For Brazilian Kombi Only, 1964-1975

Part# 211415049DBR

Knob With Insert, Defrost, Bus 1968-1979

Part# 211953255D