Sheet Metal

Pillar Complete Front Door, A Pillar, Bus 55-67, Right Side

Part# 211809202B

Wheel Housing Front Left Bus 1955-1967

Part# 211801325A

Wheel Housing Front Right Bus 1955-1967

Part# 211801326A

Cab Seat Box Panel, Center, Bus '55-'62

Part# 211703601D

Inner Front Valance Below Headlights Support 50-67

Part# 211805333

Apron Rear, Bus 1968-1971 With Tin, New

Part# 211813175D

Roof Panel Complete Deluxe, With Skylights Opening, Bus '55-'67

Part# 241817031A

Roof Complete Section Front To Back, Bus '68-'79

Part# 211817711C

Wheel Arch Dog Leg Bus '63-'67, Front Left

Part# 211809501A

Wheel Arch Dog Leg Bus '63-'67, Front Right

Part# 211809502A

Hinge, Rear Hood-Decklid, L or R,bugs '49 -' 79. OEM

Part# 111827301OE

Bulkhead Bench Seat, Bus 1955-1962,New

Part# 211801081C

D Pillar Inner Full Length, Left Side Bus 1950-1963

Part# 211813417A

D Pillar Inner Full Length Right Side, Rear

Part# 211813418A

Roof Gutter Front Fresh Air Grill,Bus 1955-1963

Part# 211817507A

Hinge Carrier,Inner Engine Compartment Door,Bus '55-'63

Part# 211813225OE