Brake Systems

Brake Line, Metal Front Right, Early Bug & Ghia

Part# 113611724B

Brake Line, Metal, Rear Right Bug & Ghia

Part# 113611724C

Brake Line, Metal Front Right Super Beetle '71-'79

Part# 113611724J

Brake Line, Metal Rear Left, Bug & Ghia

Part# 113611763A

Brake Line, Metal Rear Right Bug & Ghia

Part# 113611764B

Brake Master Cylinder Tube, Bug,Ghia & T-3' 72 - ' 79

Part# 113611153

Plug, Master Cylinder, Bug and Bus

Part# 357611817

Caliper Repair Kit, ATE, 1 Pin Style, Bug & Ghia'72-'73

Part# 111698471A

Front Outer Bearing, Roller Bearing,German -'65

Part# 111405647

Camber Adjuster, all cars, sold as pair

Part# EIS-2817

Brake Reservoir, Use To Fir Over Master Cylinder all

Part# 113611301K

Master Cylinder 20.6mm Bore Used with Disc Brake Kits,All

Part# 113611015BDD

Master Cylinder Bored 20.6mm With Dual Circuit Reservoir, Bug '67-'77 Std.

Part# 113611015BDDKIT

Brake Line Metal,Front to Back, 2180mm Long,Bug, Bus

Part# 311611741A

Brake Line, Metal 300mm Long, Frt Left,Super Beetle '71-'79

Part# 131611781

Brake Light Switch, 2 prong Early Style, VDO Brand

Part# 113945515HVDO