Bumper, Rear, Polished Stainless Steel Ghia '56-'66

Bumper, Rear, Polished Stainless Steel Ghia '56-'66

Part#: 141798073A


Product Description

Great quality part finally available without a CORE CHARGE. Why settle for bent, rusted bumpers when you can buy a BRAND NEW! one. This is the exact copy of the original Ghia rear bumpers, same weight and its made from fine material stainless steel, say good buy to rust and say hello to super shinny bumpers. It comes disassembled where you have to put the bumper together we provide with small instructions and all the hardware you need to put the them together. Get one today and let your Ghia shine away. This bumper fits '56 to '66 but it will also work up to 1971 Ghia the only difference is the over rider tube wraps around the corner less on the later years like '70-'71.